3D Photos

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3D Photos

This next craft is a really fun way to take a 2-dimensional photo and make it 3-dimensional…sort of. It’s done by layering different parts of a photo on top of each other. Unfortunately, the photographs of the final product didn’t do it justice. Down at the bottom of the page there is a short clip that gives the best view of how it looked in person.

You’ll need to start with a shadowbox frame, a piece of thin cardboard (or something similar) the same size as your frame, foam core, glue, scissors, and several copies of the same photo. The number of copies you need depends upon how many layers you want. You can use any number you’d like. I used 3 layers for my photo, so I needed 4 copies of it-one as a base and 3 to cut up.


You’ll need to do a little planning at this point. Look at your photo and determine what the layers should be. A good way to start is to divide up what is in the background, middle, and foreground. In my photo, I decided that I would take each row of ladies as a layer. The layer with the little girl also included the railing and everything in front of her. Once you’ve decided, cut out all your layers. You can leave a little excess on any sides of a cut piece that will be covered by another layer.


Then cut your foam core into little pieces to be spacers. This is what will hold the layers apart from each other. Cardboard will work just as well, it just needs to be something with some thickness. Take your cut photo that is furthest in the back ground and glue on a couple pieces of foam core one layer thick. Put enough pieces on so that the photo doesn’t sag or bend when it’s right side up, but keep it away from the edges of the photo or you will be able to see it in the finished product. Do the same thing on the next closest layer of the photo except you will stack two pieces of foam core on top of each other. Continue doing this, adding a piece of foam core for each layer, until all your cut pieces have their spacers on them.


Starting with the layer with only one layer of foam core, glue it to your complete, uncut photo. Make sure you stand directly over the top of it so that everything will be lined up properly. Then glue on your next closest layer and continue until all the layers have been attached. On mine, I didn’t apply any spacers to the top of the railing (since it is behind everyone). Instead, I glued those parts to the original, uncut photo while the bottom of the railing is the raised up with three spacers. This way it looks like the railing going back in space.

The first layer:


After adding the second layer:


After adding the third layer:


Here’s a look at the side:


Since my old photo was an odd size, I couldn’t just stick it in a frame and have it look nice. So I took my thin piece of cardboard and covered it with a fabric scrap I had. I attached with quickly with spray glue (please make sure you go outside when you use this product!). Since my photograph was long and skinny, I applied some trim to the sides. Once my photo was dry, I mounted that on the fabric covered board and popped it in my frame.

Here’s a short video clip that shows the final product pretty well.

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