How does your service work?

  • Upload your photo and fill out instructions for what you would like done. Standard repair? Retouching? Colorization? Background change? You can also mail your photo and I will mail it back to you when your order is complete.
  • I will send you a quote. You are under no obligation to purchase.
  • If you agree to the quote click the link in your email to fill out payment info
  • Once we have repaired your photo, I will send you an electronic proof to approve
  • When you are happy with your photo I will send you the finished copy. You will get a high resolution electronic copy and prints (additional cost).

Is the resolution of my scan important?

Yes! The number of pixels in your scan is very important! The resolution needs to be at least 400 dpi, although 600 or more is better. Alternatively, some scanners will scan at photo at 72 dpi, but will save the photos to be very large (30 or 40 inches across). Either one of those will be capable of high quality final prints.

How can I get the best possible results?


  • Check photos for dust-clean with a lint-free cloth or canned air.
  • Check scanner for dust, smudges, and fingerprints. Clean with lint-free cloth and/or glass cleaner. Spray cleaner on to cloth, not directly on the scanner.
  • Set your scanner to at least 600dpi your picture is under 5″ or 400dpi for larger images.
  • Turn off any auto-corrections your scanner may perform.
  • Save your image in a lossless format. Save as a .png or uncompressed .tif.
  • Turn your photo 90° and scan again using the same settings.
  • If your photo is severely damaged, turn it 90° again.


  • Mail in a flat, waterproof envelop that can’t be bent.
  • I cannot be responsible for any further damage to photograph or getting lost in the mail.
  • I would suggest that you ask your post office or other courier and get it tracked and insured.

Can you fix a blurry photo?

Sadly, no. I cannot fix a photo that was blurry when the picture was taken.

Will you send me prints?

I will always send a high resolution electronic file so you can printoff as many as you’d like, but you can order prints as well. Check out the pricing table on the Prices and Services page.

I don't have a scanner or my scanner won't scan at a high enough resolution. How can I get you my photos?

If you would like to send them electronically, many local office stores provide scanning services. You can also mail me the photograph and I’ll scan it for you. Simply fill out Get A Quote page and check the box that says you would like to mail your photo(s). Then mail it to the address provided. I will send your photo back to you once the restoration has been completed. I cannot accept responsibility for photographs that are damaged in transit.

What if I'm not satisfied?

I will always send you a proof to approve before I send your completed image or prints. If you are not satisfied with how your photo appears, just let me know and I will do all I can to make sure you are happy with the results.