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  • Once I have repaired your photo, I will send you an electronic proof for your approval.
  • When you are happy with your photo, I will send you the finished copy (electronically and/or by mail). I can also provide high quality prints.

Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren't happy with the proofs you are sent we will make the necessary changes until you are. If we're unable to repair the image to your satisfaction you will receive a refund.

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Return Photos With:

  • Mail in a flat, waterproof envelope that can't be bent
  • I recommend having the post office or courier track and insure your package
  • The cost of return postage will be included in your quote

Scan Photos Twice For Best Results

Scan once, then rotate 90° and scan again. Upload and send us both copies. Doing this allows us to blend both copies together to reduce scanning damage and get much better results.

Scan at the Highest Resolution Possible

We recommend 300dpi minimum unless your photo has been saved with much larger dimensions than the original photo. Save at a higher resolution if you want your photos enlarged.

Save in a Lossless Format

Some file types lose detail in an effort to make the file sizes smaller. This is great sometimes, but not right now! If possible, scan your files to .png or uncompressed .tif. Avoid .jpg if you can. If you must save as a .jpg, choose the 100% quality setting to retain as much detail as possible.

Want more tips on getting great results? Check out our How to Get the Best Results page.


What kind of work would you like done on your photo?
If you'd like prints, please list quantities and sizes here.


Our Services Include:

  • Color correction
  • Tear/crease/scratch repair
  • Dust spots
  • Water damage repair
  • Sun damage repair
  • Tape residue elimination
  • Recreate missing pieces
  • Object/person elimination
  • Colorization (full and partial image)
  • Make your photos sepia or black & white
  • Remove belimishes, tatoos, wrinkles, weight
  • Background change
  • Add vignettes and borders
  • Create a collage