Prices and Services

Every photograph restoration is different, so each order needs to be quoted separately. To request a free quote, simply fill out the Get a Quote form, upload or mail your documents, and I’ll evaluate the work that needs done to repair your photos. Below is a list of prices and services I can help you with.

There is no obligation to buy if you request a quote

Repair and Restoration
Retouching (modern photos) from $5.00
Minor Restoration (old photos) from $20.00
Moderate Restoration from $40.00
Severe Restoration from $50.00
Full Image Colorization from $20.00
Add border/vignette $5.00
3.5×5 $0.25
4×6 $0.25
5×7 $1.25
8×10 $4.00
8×12 $4.75
11×14 $13.99

Photo Retouching

Whether you’ve got a few blemishes, wrinkles, or want to look a bit skinnier, I can take care of your contemporary photo retouching. I prefer to use subtle but effective changes to keep you looking like you. Please no professional photos unless you own the copyright.

General Repair

This includes color correction, tear/crease/scratch repair,adhesive residue elimination, water and sun damage repair, and dust elimination. I’ll get your photograph looking as good as new.

Recreate Missing Pieces

Recreate a missing piece from a torn photo. If the section includes a large portion of someone’s face, an additional photo of that person needs to be included.

Object/Person Elimination

You don’t want that stranger in your family photo? No problem, I can remove them. Just be sure to clearly state who/what you’d like eliminated.

Colorization (Full and Partial Image)

Turn your black and white photo into color. Be sure to tell me about any color preferences you have.

Sepia or Black & White Conversion

For any old photo, you will have the option of true black and white or sepia (unless you are choosing to colorize it). You can also choose to turn any color photo into black and white or sepia.

Background Change

The background spoiling an otherwise great photo? I can either clean up the background to make it more appealing, or completely change the background.

Add Borders

Choose from a variety of borders to add to your photos. If you have a border in mind that you’d like, just let me know.

Create Collage

Get a collage of mulitple photos. It makes a great gift!


If you would rather not bother with printing your newly restored photo, I can take care of that, too. Check out our prints pricing table above.